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     This is a project for my game design class that my team and I are in. It's a tabletop board game revolving around the book that Elbert Hubbard wrote in 1923, the Titanic. For now, there is no playable version, it's all in a game design document PDF.

     The idea is that the players will play as passengers aboard the Titanic at the time of it hitting the iceberg that sank it. They’ll have to avoid debris and hazards on the journey across the ship till they reach the tethered lifeboats. If they manage to get a hold of one, they can make it to safety and win the game. If there are no remaining boats, the players left behind lose.

Install instructions

All you need is something that can read a PDF


GDD - Escape From Titanic 31 Jan 19.pdf 555 kB

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